Default Color: Blue/Grey

Witness Default(Second Class)

Base Stats:

HP: 130; MP: 34; AP: 10

Melee: 7; Ranged: 17

Magic: 0; Defence: 57

Base Bonuses:

  • Hatchling : +1 AP Regen/turn
  • Juvenile : +5 Range
  • Adult : +1 AP Drain/hit
  • Mature: 10% Mind Haze 
  • Elder: +10%  Chance of Causing Confusion


Skill Level Name AP Ingame Description Efeects Notes
Hatchling Body Check 2 Body weight  is used to add extra "oomph" to the assault. 10%confusion chance 50% recoil chance Melee
Hatchling Precision Shot 3 Extreme Focus causes the shot to have increased accuracy and damage. N/A Ranged
Juvenile Braced Shot 3 Increased tension on the crossbow may the opponent being pinned back. 50% chance of causing Recoil Ranged
Adult Blinding Arrow 5 A cheap shot aimed at the eyes in hopes of blinding or maiming the opponent. 15% chance of causing Blind Ranged
Mature Headshot 5 Focused on the head may result in increased damage along with a chance of mental trauma.  10% chance of causing Mind Haze, 75% chance of causing Recoil Ranged
Elder Aura Cannon 8 Channeling your energy into the bolts of the crossbow causes large damage on impact.    N/A Ranged
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