These are what either amplifies or harms you over time while in effect. Most Status buffs and debuffs are cast via Magic skills.


These are always support and amplification stats or skills aiding you either in Dungeons or in PvP. Most Buffs are Divine-based Magic.

  Regenerate (Divine) - imbues target with "Regenerate" status, healing the recipient per turn by at least 10% of the total number of HP it has.

Lucid (Divine) - Imbues target with "Lucid" blessing, regenerating target's MP per turn by 10% of the total number of MP

  Shell (Null/ Divine) - Causes Target to be imbued with "Shell" status, increasing defense and magic resistance

*Invisibility (Divine) - Enabling the recipient of the blessing to become "Invisible", thus increasing Evasion. This is countered by Clairvoyance, take note if enemy uses one.

Clairvoyance (Divine) - Grants recipient to see hidden objects or invisible targets.

**Ice Skin (Frost) -  Recipient's defense increases in exchange for lowering attack power.

**Soul Fire (Flame) - Recipient's attack increases in exchange for lowering defense power.

*NOTE : You'll lose your Invisibility buff once you attack or heal

**NOTE : Ice Skin & Soul Fire are double edged swords, which means using one of the said buffs has pros and cons.

Harmful (De-buffs)Edit

As the name implies, these will hamper and incapacitate your battle efficiency, stay on guard. Most are from Void Magic skills but some are done by targeting certain parts such as the eyes, head, arms and legs.

Frost Enchantment (Frost) - Target is afflicted with "Frostbite" status, taking frost damage per turn.

Flame Enchantment (Flame) - Target is set on an "Ignition" status, taking serious burns per turn.

Poison (Void) - Target is afflicted "Poison" status, taking HP damage per turn.

Blind (Null / Void) - Target afflicted with "Blind" won't, of course, see and has a tendency to miss his/her attacks a lot and couldn't predict incoming attacks from enemies. Also caused by targeting enemies' eyes.

Mind Haze (Void) - Target afflicted with "Mind Haze" status loses MP per turn and weakening magic power as well.

Immobility (Null / Void) - Target becomes "Immobile" and can't do actions except change equipment, end turn or leave the battle. Also caused by aiming for the arms and legs to disarm and cripple target.

Confusion (Null / Void) -Target becomes "Confused" and has a tendency of attacking the wrong target or worst, the team mates, pet or themselves. Caused by a sudden blow in the head.

Recoil (Null) - Caused by a powerful pushover attack which pushes target by 2 squares behind. This also lowers your attack power by 20% ( i.e if you have an attack power of 500, then you have 400 if pushed over).

Sloth (Null) - A demotivating status ailment which takes away the target's will to fight. Losing AP per turn.

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