Smithing is the art of creating weapons and equipment from materials and infusers. In order to smith, you will need a template and materials.

Item quality
Quality Smithing Level
Crude 0-9
Standard 10-19
Fine 20-29
Superior 30-39
Master 40(max)


Templates are mystical ingredients for creating weapons and equipment.

There are several different Templates: one for each type of weapon or equipment. Templates determine which piece of equipment or weapon will be made.

In no particular order (Click a template type for types of the gear that can be crafted):


Materials are added to the template to create different weapons and equipment.

There are 8 types of material, each available in 3 different qualities (low, medium, and high):

  • Bone
  • Cloth
  • Leather
  • Horn
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Gem
  • Element

To find out what stats materials give as infusers,​ refer to this guide:

Keep in mind that all items have unique stats already build into them. Check the Wiki pages for the specific item you are planning to make (ex: bow, leg armor, etc.).

Training SmithingEdit

The amount of Exp you recieve from Smithing is determined  by the kind of infuser used to make a equipment.

  • Material + 0 Infusers : 3EXP 
  • Material + 1 kind of Infuser : 8EXP
  • Material + 2 different Infusers : 13EXP
  • Material + 3 different Infusers : 18EXP

The amount of experience required for each level can be found on the Skills Experience page.

Note: For example, if you use three soft woods as Infusers, the amount of EXP you receive is same as it would have been had you only used one soft wood as Infuser. To gain more EXP, you need to use different materials as Infuser. If you use, for example, 2 soft woods and 1 iron ore as Infusers, the amount of EXP you receive is the same as if you had used 2 different infusers.

Note: You can stack the abilities of any items as infusers. But as said above, you will only gain the certain amount of EXP for the number of different infusers you use.

Note 2: You can also have the same material as the infuser. It will not give you less EXP for using the same material as an infuser.

Colors For Equipment Edit

In order to add colors to your weapons and armor you must have 3 infusers for this. After you have gotten all three infusers you will have an option of three colors (depending on what materials). You may only choose one color for the equipment.

Note: For example, if you are crafting a 2h sword and you want to make it black. You add the 2 infusers and the 3rd infuser will be a Giant Bone. The color options will open up and you should choose black.

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