Seeds are EXTREMELY rare drops. There are two categories of seed:

  1. Path Seeds:
  • Path seeds
  • Ice seeds
  • Lava seeds
  • Sand seeds
  • Snow seeds
  • Swamp seeds

2. Plant Seeds:

  • Ivy seed
  • Strawberry seed
  • Thistle seed
  • Vita seed

Seeds can be planted in the grass area outside your cave. Note that PATH seeds are purely for decoration purposes only. PLANT seeds produce fruit over time that can either be fed directly to pets, or crafted into potions through alchemy.

Most common way to acquire PATH seeds: Buy them from the general store in town. They are very cheap at 4 seeds for 1k gold. This is the most common way that I have seen thus far and the other common way to to get them from chests. Don't know about monster drops though. Have to confirm.

Most common way to acquire PLANT seeds: CHOP A TON OF TREES!! The majority of my plant seeds have come from chopping trees and after chopping a whole ton on trees, you will still have a small probability of acquiring a plant seed. Most of the time, you will get soft wood for your efforts =P. The other way is from chests. Again, low percentage, but then again, any way you try to get plant seeds, you will find it either, A, quite exhausting, or B, quite pricey. Never had plant seeds dropped from monsters either. Will need to confirm.

Alright. I think that covers it for now. Let me know if you guys have any more questions/suggestions. =)

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