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Some random tips and hints..:

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If you need to craft and repair an item, and you only have 1 spot left, craft the item first, then repair the other item because if you repaired first, you wouldn't be able to craft anymore, because you would have full workshop. You can repair as many items as you would like, but if your workshop has any "craftable" spots free (places for new items you may craft), items under repair will take those spots. If your workshop is full of newly created items, the items under repair will just be added to your workshop without taking "craftable" spots. You only have 6 "craftable" spots.

Basically, the first 6 spots in your workshop (craftable spots) will be taken up by whatever you put in your workshop, whether it be a new item or a repaired one. After the first six are taken, you can't craft anymore new things but you can repair as many as you would like. So newly crafted items should be given first priority in your workshop before repairs. :)

Message box:

Don't drag the button that expands the box when you are leaving a room because it will get stuck and you can't resize the box. Also just don't drag it quickly in general, it might also glitch it.

You can Private Message anyone you want, they don't have to be added to your friends or in town. As long you know their name, you can PM them. For example if you wanted to private message me just type /PM lovelily99 (caps doesn't matter) and then a *space* and then your message. If the person is offline, it will tell you, otherwise it sends it to the person.


If you are trying to level smithing, alchemy, or breeding, craft and fill workshop (or incubator) before you go offline, so you can at least get that many more crafts in. Also, if you need to repair equipment, do it before you go offline so you will still have workshop room while playing, but the armor and/or weapons will be ready next time you log on.


Keys! Yes, keys are very important in this game. They open doors in dungeons, which allows you to explore more rooms, kill more monsters, perhaps find more rocks to mine, trees to chop down and bushes to destroy. (We will tell you about why you would want to do such things later on.)

Each dungeon has many rooms, therefore many doors to be opened. And since every dungeon is renewed each time you leave and come back to it, all doors are closed again when you return. (Unless you are in a party and one of the members stays in the dungeon and then invites you back by selecting you and clicking "invite to room", more about this later.)