Default Color: Red/Blue (Eyes)

Imp Default


(Second Class)

Base Stats:

HP: 122; MP: 56; AP: 10

Melee: 10; Ranged: 0

Magic: 14; Defence: 53

Base Bonuses:

  • Hatchling : +20% HP
  • Juvenile : +8% Less Damage from Magic
  • Adult : + 7 HP drain
  • Mature: +3 MP regen
  • Elder: +6% Less Damage from Range

Skill level Name AP/MP Ingame Description Effects Notes
Hatchling Scratch 1AP Nails and Claws are used to dig into the opponent.. no effect Melee
Hatchling Ember Flick 1AP/3MP Conjure up a small wisp of fire to burn objects you don't like. No effects Magic
Juvenile Ice Shard 1AP/3MP A sharp projectile of compact ice that stings 25% chance of recoil Magic
Adult Fireball 2AP/6MP An orb of fire is hurled towards opponents. 50% chance of recoil Magic
Mature Ice Spear 2AP/6MP A wall of ice rises from the ground, obstructing both player and foe 50% chance of recoil on target Magic
Elder Polar Burst 6AP/20MP A localized blizzard is summoned in the arena, dealing great damage 15% Frosbite Magic

Hatchling: 1 - 6

Juvenile: 6 - 12

Adult: 12 - 20

Mature: 20 - 30

Elder: 30 - 40

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