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Welcome to HRC WORKSHOP!

Hi! My name is Hrc51 and i'm crafting all items for paragons. Every item is MASTER quality!


Item types

Every weapon cost 2 PARAGONS + price of used materials

Shield, armors, ring and necklace cost 2 PARAGONS + price of used materials

Head and back accessories cost 3 PARAGONS + price of used materials


Material Icon Color Effect Price
Iron Ore Iron Ore Washed Purple Washed Purple +3 Defense Free of charge
Soft Wood Soft Wood Salmon Pink Salmon Pink +13% Chance of Causing Critical Free of charge
Brittle Femur Brittle Femur Light Grey Light Grey +3 Melee Free of charge
Thin Shell Thin Shell Dark Green Dark Green +23% Resistance to poison Free of charge
Cotton Fiber Cotton Fiber Crystal Blue Crystal Blue +3 Magic Free of charge
Ragged Pelt Ragged Pelt Pale Green Pale Green +3 Range Free of charge
Titanite Titanite Royal Purple Royal Purple +5 Defense Free of charge
Ebony Ebony Mellow Yellow Mellow Yellow +7% Chance of Causing Confusion Free of charge
Giant Bone Giant Bone Matt Black Matt Black +5 Melee Free of charge
Sharp Claw Sharp Claw Gold Gold +13% increase in Drops Free of charge
Silk Web Silk Web Deep Azure Deep Azure +5 Magic Free of charge
Fluffy Fur Fluffy Fur Camo Green Camo Green +5 Range Free of charge
Mithril Chunk Mithril Chunk Dark Grey Dark Grey +7% Chance of Casting Shell 2 PARAGONS
Yggdrasil Bark Yggdrasil Bark Light Purple Light Purple +5 MP Regen/turn 2 PARAGONS
Goliath Rib Goliath Rib Ice Blue Ice Blue Goliath Rib +5 AP Regen/turn 2 PARAGONS
Dragon Horn Dragon Horn Jean Blue Jean Blue +15 MP Drain/hit 2 PARAGONS
Moon Thread Moon Thread Dark Brown Dark Brown +7% Chance of causing Blind 2 PARAGONS
Minotaur Hide Minotaur Hide Money Green Money Green +5 AP Drain/hit 2 PARAGONS
Diamond Diamond Angelic White Angelic White +9% Divine Damage 1 PARAGON
Emerald Emerald Zesty Lime Zesty Lime +7% Chance of causing Poison 1 PARAGON
Sapphire Sapphire Ice Blue Ice Blue Sapphire +9% Frost Damage 1 PARAGON
Ruby Ruby Crimson Crimson +9% Fire Damage 1 PARAGON
Obsidian Obsidian Violet Violet +9% Void Damage 1 PARAGON
Alkahest Dew Alkahest Dew Basic grey Basic Grey +45 Carrying Capacity 1 PARAGON
Vacuum Core Vacuum Core Fresh Blood Fresh Blood +15 HP Drain/hit 45 PARAGONS
Frost Shard Frost Shard Light Teal Light Teal +7% Chance of causing Frostbite 4 PARAGONS
Primal Ember Primal Ember Citrus Orange Citrus Orange +7% Chance of Causing Ignition 4 PARAGONS
Blessed Spark Blessed Spark Wine Red Wine Red +5 HP Regen/turn 5 PARAGONS


If you want to order item you need to tell me:

  1. Item type
  2. Main material
  3. 3 Infusers

Look at this example:

Note: If you choose 3 different infusers then you can choose item color!

Actual Prize Game!

Lucky winners of 1st Prize Draw are:

Biggalaxy - 1st prize: One master item made of any materials you want for free!

TheMasterIngerson - 2nd prize: 30 paragons

dragoneagleplayer - 3rd prize: 10 paragons

Lucky winners of 2nd Prize Draw are:

1st prize: justinkkkwang

2nd prize: Saad213

3rd prize: Ajiin


  • 1st PRIZE
  • 2nd PRIZE
  • 3rd PRIZE
Meet me in town to get your prizes!
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