Hatch time: 1-2 days(depending on infuser/s)

Default Color: Brown Blue

Folox Default

(Second Class)

Base Stats:

HP: 128; MP: 22; AP: 10

Melee: 14; Ranged: 9

Magic: 1; Defence: 56

Base Bonuses:

  • Hatchling : +1 AP Regen/turn
  • Juvenile : +5% Less Damage from Range
  • Adult : +5% Less Damage from Magic
  • Mature: +7% Chance of Causing Confusion
  • Elder: +8% Chance of Causing Immobilize

Skill level Name AP Ingame Description Effects Notes
Hatchling Head Butt 1 A good strong slam with the old noggin', knockin' them back. 25% recoil chance Melee


Healing Kiss 1 A little peck to the cheek to help the booboos go away. :3 10% of casting regen Melee


Body Check 2 Body weight  is used to add extra "oomph" to the assault. 10% confusion chance 50% recoil chance Melee
Adult Hack n' Slash 4 A flurry of hacks and swings aimed to harm and overwhelm the oponent 25% recoil chance Melee
Mature Braced Shot 3 Increased tension on the cross may result in the opponent being pinned back. 50% recoil chance Ranged
Elder Energy Burst 8 Energy is channeled through the weapon into an explosion at the tip 75%  recoil chance Melee
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