Dungeons are wild places infested with monsters and tresures.

There are currently 6 Dungeons:

  1. Ancient Dungeon of Noob -  Lvl 1
  2. Lost Shore - Lvl 4
  3. Mystic Swamp - Lvl 10
  4. Enchanted Forest -Lvl 16
  5. Crystal Peaks - Lvl 22
  6. Gaia's Scar - Lvl 28

Each dungeon comes with different Mobs, tresures and a theme.


Keys are a vital part of any dungeon. there are several locked doors in each room.

Keys can only be collected in one of 2 ways.

  • Bought with real life money
  • Drops from killing mobs

Key farmingEdit

Key farming is the process of collecting a large number of keys to complete a dungeon more easily.

Key farming is simply entering the 1st room, of the highest level dungeon open to you, killing everything inside then returning to your home. Then repeat. This means you fight more monsters, meaning more drops, meaning a larger chance of key drops.


Every dungeon contains treasure chests.

Each treasure chest can only be opened once. If you've opened it you can not open it again, even if you restart the dungeon.

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