Mini Heroes Wiki


(Second Class)

Base Stats:

HP: 106; MP: 0; AP: 10

Melee: 16; Ranged: 0

Magic: 0; Defence: 45

Base Bonuses:

  • Hatchling : +20% HP (lvl 1)
  • Juvenile : +2 HP regen (lvl 7)
  • Adult : +8% less damage from melee (lvl 14)
  • Mature: Same as above.(lvl 20)
  • Elder: +15% resistance to Poison. (lvl 30)


Skill level



Ingame Description Effects Notes
Hatchling Body Check 2 Body weight is used to add "oomph" to the assault

10% cause Confusion

50% cause Recoil



Bash 1 A basic swing involving a blunt weapon N/A Melee


Energy Burst 8 Energy is channeled through the weapon into a n explosion at the tip 75% cause Recoil Melee
Adult Pummel 3 Several viciuos punches delivered in the blink of an eye. 10% cause Confusion Melee
Mature Concussion Ringer 4 A clean straight punch that will leave your opponents seeing stars. 10% cause Mind Haze Melee
Elder Hay Maker 6 An over the head swing that can cause significant damage if it connects. 100% chance to recoil Melee