WARNING: These are the most powerful monsters in the game and are EXTREMELY dangerous! RECOMMENDED TO BE IN A PARTY!Edit

Mini - Boss 1

Elder Cootie

Spike Prince ==

Level 7 required for quest

Location: Lost Shores

Elder Cootie: Level 10

Note that any attacks performed without equipment or magic will not affect the Spiky Prince (e.g. Headbutt or Fisticuffs), and will only damage and/or cast confusion on yourself or your pet.

Boss 1

Elder Mandragora

Sir Orange

Level 10 required for quest

Location: Lost Shores

Elder Mandragora: Level 15

Mini - Boss 2

Elder Lolo


Level 15 required for quest 

Location: Mystic Swamp

Boss 2

Elder Skull Pixie


Level 20 required for quest

Location: Mystic Swamp

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