Hey guys, my Mini Heroes (MH) name is Becarelezz and I wanna start a campaign, just like the title says it's for beginners, preferably level 1-10 but higher level can participate too. Now let's start!

What is this?

This is a crafting campaign for both you and me, by crafting equipments my Smith Level increases while providing you the equipments, its a win-win, oh by the way my Smith Level is Level 21+ so the quality is Fine, see the effects from the pages on this wiki.

What you need?

Ok first things first, YOU NEED TO PROVIDE YOUR OWN TEMPLATE. Yup you heard me right so if youre planning to level your Smith Skill then close this tab right away but if you decided to keep on reading this then proceed to the next step.

What to do?

Meet me at town or at the Auction House, I'm online from 12pm-12am(GMT+8), and there you'll provide your template and pick from these materials. (For the effects go here )


Whelp thats all, I'll just inform you when you will get it when I started to craft it, hope you support this campaign. Thanks and have a good game. ^_^

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