You can find this guy in the Auction Shop in the main town, you can talk to him to put your items on auction.



You can auction your items for a period of 12 hours, 24 hours, and 48 hours.

Items can be sold for either gold or paragons, also having a start bid price and a buyout price.

There are four tabs in the auction window:

  • Bid: Search for items here. You can look for more specific items using the type, sub-type, and quality, also just by typing the name of the item in the search bar.
  • Auction: This is where you can put your items up for auction. Double-click the item you want auctioned and then choose the currency, starting bid, buyout price, and duration of the auction.
  • My Top Bids: This is the place to look at the items you bid on and have the highest bid.
  • My Auctions: This is the place where you can look at what items you have up for auction, and to remove them from auction.

Note: There is no max limit to the amount of items you can have on auction.

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