Skill required for wearing high level armor

Note: You can wear armors according to your armor level, for example to use  level 10 armor, you must have that same level in your armor skill, you get experience for this skill in battle by wearing armor each time you get hit.


Armor comes in a few basic types. Head , Chest , Arms and Legs .

Armor is made with the smithing skill from a Template, a base material and, up to, 3 infusers. The stats of the armor depend on the material and the infusers used. below is a table to give you an idea of what each material and infuser does.

All armor receives the same stats for any given material/infuser, except for a few exceptions where noted.

Also, some Materials that add 2 or more stats have a "main" stat i.e. they usually get +1 to main stat and +1 to other stat.

Material Stats as Material Stats as infuser
iron Defence Defence .
Titanite Defence Defence
Mithril Range + Defence Shell Chance
Soft wood Defence Critical Chance
Ebony Defence + HP Confusion chance
  • Full Ebony set
Yggdrasil Bark - Defence + Melee MP Regeneration
Brittle Femur Defence + Magic Melee
Giant Bone Defence + Range Melee
Goliath Rib

Defence +

Carrying Capacity

AP Regen
Thin Shell Defence + Range Poison resistance
Sharp Claw Defence + Melee Increased Drop rate Chance
Dragon Horn Defence + HP regeneration MP Drain
Cotton Fibre Defence + Melee + AP Magic
Silk Web Defence +Range + Magic Magic
Moon Thread Magic + MP Regeneration Chance of Blind
Ragged Pelt Defence + Magic Range
Fluffy Fur* Defence + Melee Range
Minotaur Hide

Defence + AP


AP Drain
  • Fluffy Fur gives Defence, Melee and Magic with Helmet


Accesories include Rings , Necklaces , Back Accessories and Head accessories .

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